Tank construction

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Corrugated hot galvanised steel sheet, with thickness 18/76-R18 and a special design that it is highly resistant and easy to store and transport, as a result of the low wave length and great depth. Galvanised steel sheets are coated with different formulations of epoxy resin that may vary depending on the water storage use.

Pre-coated steel tank cover is supplied with an internal metal framework that seals the tank, making it ideal for potable water storage. This steel cover prevents objects, dirt or animals from falling through. It also offers sun protection and prevents the Build-up of algae, keeping water clean.

Special designed high-strength steel bolts are ideal for ILURCO Tanks.

ILURCO® waterproof liner material is certified by AENOR. The base liner is hot air welded and bolted to the tank shell. This base reduces costs significantly, as there is no need for a concrete foundation, whereas it keeps a perfect seal.

Only requires a small reinforced concrete ring beam around the circumference of the tank shell as support.

The tank shell is sealed using a special mastic formulation specifically design by ILURCO®. This mastic remains flexible, allows expansion and provides complete sealing under any circumstances.