ILURCO® tanks are extraordinary versatile which provides them with a wide range of applications. Some fields they are usually applied are:

ILURCO® tanks are ideal for irrigation water storage offering the best value for their superb properties:

  • Durable
  • Minimum volume for extra storage capacity
  • Keep water clean
  • Endless possibilities to increase capacity and tank improvements
  • Cost effective

When storage tanks are installed in environmentally protected areas, such as National Parks, they can reduce environmental impact by applying a coat of Verde Ilurtano®, pine-olive green colour coat that will blend in the tank with the environment. Other colours such as white or desert sand can be offered as well when the tanks are installed in the mountains or dessert regions.

ILURCO® Tanks for irrigation water storage can be covered with a steel roof that protects water from sunlight and prevents dirt, animals or insects from falling through keeping water clean and in the best condition possible. This is crucial for drip irrigation systems where water needs to be at its best in order to avoid clogging.
Covers also reduce the loss of water through evaporation and reduce the cost of maintenance because the tank, the water and all filters remain clean for longer. No wonder the use of tank covers is definitely cost effective.

Alternatively, ILURCO® also offers an affordable raffia cover for their tanks. The interior of these tanks delivers higher durability and low maintenance either when using the highest standards galvanising or with Duplex System coating using ILURPOXI Celeste.

Quality Assurance

ILURCO® tanks for drinking water storage are manufacture to conform to potable water standards and regulations for the safe storing of drinking water

Tanks are epoxy coated with ILURPROXI Blanco and have a base of virgin PVC resin that is a non-porous material that ensures hygiene and easy-cleaning.
ILURCO® tank venting system prevents animal or human intruders from entering the tank, as vent windows are not required.

Tank Tower

ILURCO® tanks for potable water can be mounted on a steel tower when a constant pressure head of water is required for supply purposes and there is a lack of electricity supply or on uneven surfaces.

These tanks are also suitable as a halfway pumping aid solution in other installations when needed.
ILURCO provides a complete design and manufacture service for this sectional bolted tank towers, making them easy to transport and install.

Water Purification Systems

ILURCO provides a complete solution to meet water supply project-specific demands. Their prefabricated and sectional water filtration systems are easy to install, low maintenance and low in energy consumption; they can also be powered by solar energy.
ILURCO offers complete water treatment and supply solutions for remote locations where drinking water supplies are not available.

Roof Repair and Replacement

ILURCO offers a complete specialised roof tank replacement service. We are specialist in replacing damaged concrete tank roofs with ILURCO® steel cover system.
Concrete tank roofs can often get damage as a result of chlorine gas after chlorination is carried out. Chlorine gas is highly corrosive and may damage the roof trusses and collapse. When this occurs we replace the concrete roof with ILURCO® cover system, preventing corrosion and easy to repair, if required in the future, as ILURCO® cover system is completely sectional.

Low Maintenance

ILURCO tanks’ for potable water are designed to be very low maintenance. All their components (PVC film and epoxy coated steel) are non-porous which prevents contamination so that they are easy to clean. Tanks are quick and easy to repair as they are completely sectional and they can be repaired by replacing just one or more parts and ensuring your installation remains in top condition.

ILURCO tanks for industrial firefighting comply with CEPREVEN and ISO 23500 rigorous manufacturing and tests standards.

Besides, we have designed a wide range of accessories and ancillaries manufactured under the highest standards, which are ideal to use with these and other ILURCO® tanks.

Please check the accessories section on this website for a complete list of accessories available. You will find ladders, anti-vortex suction plates, water supply connections or electric float switches.

ILURCO tanks are ideal for the water supply of aerial firefighting (fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters)

and water-bombers, especially in remote areas, because their installation is really easy in such areas.

ILURCO has a long tradition in the design, construction and installation of water storage tanks for wastewater and particularly for olive oil mills wastewater.

For the past years ILURCO has developed specific solutions for the storage of olive oil wastewater that can also be useful in the storage of other high density wastewaters.

Construction of ILURCO® tanks for water treatment has increased tremendously in the past years.

At the same time, ILURCO has developed a wide range of accessories for this type of tanks, as well as liners and covers resistant to chemicals and bacteria that can typically be found in sewage and industrial wastewater.
Low maintenance, excellent value and easy installation make ILURCO tanks ideal for sewage and wastewater treatment systems.

Tanks for drinking water can be mounted on a steel tower when there is a lack of electricity supply and a constant pressure head of water is required for supply purposes or when the soil is not suitable for other type of tanks.

These tanks are also useful as a halfway pumping aid solution in other installations when needed.
ILURCO provides a full design and manufacture service for this sectional bolted tank towers, making them easy to transport and install.

ILURCO’s R&D department has developed specific tanks for the storage of biofuel that offer an efficient solution for the storage of these products,

such as sunflower oil storage and its biofuel, sewage, manure and other biomass for the production of biogas.