ILURCO® tanks are made steel with outstanding mechanical properties to build the best storage tanks. Besides, our tanks benefit from our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications that ensure consistent quality and highest standards.

De-coiled steel is well profiled using special machinery, which is able to produce corrugated steel sheets that surpass all industry parameters of official tolerances. Once profiled, the steel sheets go through a detailed process of perforation curving and coating, resulting in the final corrugated steel panels.

Our automated painting line will coat the tank panels under strict control procedures and conform to comply with quality standards ISO 9001 and environmental management system 14001.

The tank base is made out of a waterproof liner material manufactured by ILURCO® with CE marking.

This base liner is pre-shaped in our premises by controlled welding with a special machinery. In many of our projects, this base is manufactured in one unique piece which is ready-to-bolt. For larger tanks, where the base must be manufactured in different separated parts, it must be welded on-site, always observing ISO 9001 quality standards.

ILURCO® steel tank roofs are fully sectional and easy to install onto water storage tanks, reducing manufacturing and installation costs. Our in-house welding facilities are responsible for the manufacturing of cover structures, as well as many other steel tank accessories such as bridges or platforms for water treatment tanks. We can provide with various accessories and ancillaries for new and existing storage tanks: ladders, platforms, handrails, outlets or valves. Our R&D department is in constant development of new solutions and bespoke products.

Bolting and sealant materials, as well as other tank parts, are manufactured by ILURCO under strict quality conditions for ILURCO® tanks following ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Tank parts and accessories manufactured by accredited third parties are carefully tested to comply with quality standards.