Ilurco tanks

Ilurco Tanks

The Ilurco® patented system is the result of years of research and development of specific products. Its final design corresponds to a comprehensive and optimized study of the requirements that a water tank must meet.

Based on the fact that a water tank must be made of a material that resists tensile stresses, that is elastic to allow fluid movements, ground settlement and thermal expansion, waterproof, easy to maintain and Long-lasting, it seems that the ideal material is steel, if we also add that it must be self-supporting, resist the push of winds and possible external stresses such as earth slopes and on… then there is no doubt, the ideal material is corrugated sheet steel.

So far everything is clear, but now we have to find a floor material that is totally waterproof, highly elastic to adapt to the ground, durable, easy to clean, easy to handle and inexpensive, so the use of waterproofing sheet, resulting in the ILURCO® system. This sheet floor is the element that differentiates the ILURCO® system from the others and makes it effective, optimized and more economical.

The combination of sheet-layer makes the tank a fully elastic set, suitable for installing on any type of terrain.