About us

ILURCO S.A is a leading Spanish manufacturer and supplier of steel water storage tanks.

Juan Ureña de la Rosa founded ILURCO, S.A. in the 80s, after several years of hard work in the research and development of irrigation water storage solutions. There was, back then, a demand for simple and versatile water solutions with an easy, quick and cost effective installation.

After developing and patenting the ILURCO water tank system, demand grew rapidly across a wide range of applications in the potable water, wastewater and fire fighting industries.

A new manufacturing plant was opened with the latest technology in 1998 for the transformation of steel.  ILURCO has a net capacity to process 5,000 tonnes of steel a year to serve both national and international markets with the highest standards.


Today, ILURCO S.A. has manufacturing facilities in Granada, with an office dealing with business in Andalusia and overseas.

Commercial offices are open in the Canary Islands, Northern and Eastern Spain, as well as Portugal.

ILURCO has an office in Peru for the business in South America and has commercial representatives in Mexico, Colombia, China, Western Africa and Qatar.

Storage tanks have been successfully supplied and installed in Portugal, Italy, Romania, Russia, Morocco, Cape Verde, Madeira, Algeria, Egypt, Angola, Mozambique, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka and many more.

Quality & Environment

Nowadays, quality is the differentiating element that allows, not only to ensure a better final product, but also a reduction in costs by minimizing errors and work efficiency that have an impact on the customer in the form of savings and a better finished product, more durable and more reliable.

For this reason, Ilurco s.a. has certified since 2000 its manufacturing, marketing and assembly system according to UNE EN ISO 9.001. Certification granted by the prestigious DNV certifier.

The environment, in addition, is the basis of a sustainable development that allows us to leave a habitable world to our descendants, for that reason, in addition, since 2004, ILURCO adapted all its processes to the UNE EN ISO 14.001 standard for environmental management, certified also by DNV. Compliance with this standard guarantees, among other things, that Ilurco’s manufacturing and assembly processes comply with all existing regulations, that they recycle all their waste and that they do not include polluting processes within their activities.

Our mission

ILURCO’s mission is to actively collaborate in the improvement and development of the community through the manufacturing and installation of our water tanks that improve water-use efficiency and make them ideal for the installation in remote areas cutting costly site works with our innovative installation system.

Our vision

Cover not only all the existing fields of water storage, but an international expansion that has been reinforced in the first decade of the 21st century and that is set as a priority objective during the second decade of the century.

Quality Policy Statement

We understand Quality as the crucial management tool to drive the planning and developing of our main activities to fully meet customer expectations at all times. We strive to comply with environmental and sustainability legal requirements and specifications in the manufacturing and installation of our products.


Our Quality Policy principles are:

  • R&D. It is at the core of our business. We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of both the quality management system and the provision of our all our products and services. The development of our products is always focused on improving the use of water.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. ILURCO is fully committed to sustainable growth and performance through a strict environmental management policy. Our ongoing effort to improve means that we regularly review our environmental management processes and compliance with regulations, as well as social responsibility with our environment.
    • Customer Satisfaction. The top objective of our Quality Policy. The goal of the company is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. We monitor our products and services provision processes performance to improve efficiency and meet our customers’ needs.
    • Long term goals. ILURCO is in constant search for excellence and is strongly committed to the better use of water use worldwide. We work to make our business global and allow the access to water to a wider population with the best and most affordable products possible.


ILURCO S.A. It has this group of partners with whom it shares and complements the services that you may request of us. By clicking on the logos, you will be able to view the web pages of our partners with whom we work closely in each of the professional disciplines they represent, at the same time certifying that the information detailed in these will be very useful to reinforce any consultation that you can make us.