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Nowadays, quality is the differentiating element that allows us to ensure a better final product and a reduction in costs by minimizing errors and working efficiency that result in savings for the costumer. As well as, a better finished product, more durable and reliable.

ILURCO® patented system is the result of years of research and development of specific products. Its final design corresponds to an exhaustive and optimized study of the requirements that a water tank must meet, therefore ILURCO has the ISO 14001 and 9001 quality certificates.

The tanks are completely modular, so they can be expanded, dismantled, moved, added covers or accessories without having to modify what was previously done.

Material optimization means that the best properties of each component element of the tank are used to its best use, so there are no superfluous elements and this helps a lot in achieving lower costs (for example, a tensile concrete).

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We have infrastructure to carry out projects around the world.

The extraordinary versatility of Ilurco tanks makes its range of uses very wide, some of the fields of application are these.

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