Tank installation

Tank Installation

The installation and erection of ILURCO® tanks is fast and cost-effective. The installation of these tanks can be completed in no time and there is no need for major works, which result in important costs savings.

Groundworks are required for the levelling and correct treatment of the soil in order to make it suitable for the installation of storage tanks.

This stage also includes the excavation of a trench for the ring-beam and the outlet pipes, as well as the steel roof anchor panels if necessary.

Foundation of ILURCO® tanks requires the construction of a small reinforced concrete ring-beam around the tank shell.

The construction of this ring-beam is very quick and serves as support for the wall panels, so there is no need to reinforce it with a concrete slab on the base surface. The dimensions of the ring beam are 40×40 cm. with a corrugated bar structure.

Tank erection is really quick, as works on-site are minimal. Sectional tank parts only require to be sited bolted, reducing installation costs significantly.
Once the ring beam is finished the tank panels are attached to the beam and so are the following panels, which are bolted until complete size is reached. At this point an optional cover may be installed if required, and the base liner is hot air welded and bolted to the tank shell.
When erection is completed the paint cover on the outside of the tank is double-checked in order to repair any scratch that may have appeared after installation.

When the roof is in place, the supporting pillars are welded to the panels. Then, beams and purlins are attached to the tank shell with specially designed pieces, so there is no extra stress transmission to the tank cover.
To complete with the tank installation, roof panels, manway and vent caps are installed to prevent any matter falling into and contaminating the water but allowing the tank venting.