The Ilurprelac system

The Ilurprelac system is the same as the ILURCO system but designed so that it is the customer who assembles their tank with the minimum of inconvenience and considerable cost savings.

Ilurprelac sheets are larger, but lighter, allowing a shorter assembly time and less effort for people who are not used to doing this type of work. The use of high resistance steels means that, although the sheets are lighter, their resistance is guaranteed. Ilurprelac sheets have the same corrugation as ILURCO sheets, which gives them excellent mechanical properties and coatings that guarantee their resistance to corrosion. Inside they have a high thickness Triplex potable coating and externally an Ilurprelac green polymer coating.

Each Ilurprelac tank is delivered with all the necessary elements (sheets, screws, putties, etc.) and paint to touch up any possible scratches that may occur during assembly. There is a wide range of accessories for your Ilurprelac tank, entrances, exits, covers, etc … You can expand information by contacting us by filling out the request for offer form.

Capabilities in which ILURPRELAC is available