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ILURCO® patented system offers important advantages:

  • Lower costs and better sealing as the installation only requires a ring beam around the tank shell instead of a complete concrete foundation.
  • The excellent properties of the different materials are used to their fullest potential, optimising resources to save costs (i.e. there is no need for pulling concrete).
  • The outstanding flexibility of the base liner material makes it suitable for irregular ground surfaces.
  • This liner material only covers the tank base, unlike others which can cover the tank shell partially, making the tank more vulnerable to corrosion without  access to be repaired.
  • Interior liner can be adapted, depending on the tank final use: potable water, water treatment, etc.
  • All tanks are completely sectional. This flexible system allows adjustment in tank capacity, makes it easy to transport and may be improved with infinite possibilities using a lot of different accessories.
  • Cost effective and easy to build.