The extraordinary versatility of Ilurco® tanks makes their range of accessories very wide. Some of these accessories are:

Heavy-duty steel roof with manway. Includes specially designed pieces on top of a solid metallic structure. It keeps water clean, excludes daylight, can withstand snow loads and prevents any matter falling into and contaminating the water.

This raffia cover is to be used with a central pole support and blocks out 80% of sunlight. It is very cost effective solution for irrigating water tanks.

For tank drainage. The outlet comes in different materials: iron or PVC, including metallic drain plug.

Pipe to be connected to the outlet so dead water is allowed between the floor of the tank and the bottom of the suction arrangement.

Flanged or threaded connector, to implement the attachment of other items such as pipes.

Flanged or threaded connector. Available in a basic option, also with a specially designed pipe or connected to a drain by an internal pipe.

Anti-vortex plate with knuckle bend and external flange.

Access with flange and cover.

Access Plate at 800 mm from the tank base. Included in all our ILURCO Tanks.

Valves available: flanged, threaded, ball or butterfly valves. The highest quality valves, suitable for any type of pipe or tank outlet.

Threaded or flanged connector. High quality valves to be installed on the tank infill pipe, to secure inlet of water to the tank when full capacity is reached. Mechanical valves are available as well as valves with electric meter.

Depth meter designed by ILURCO. To be fixed on the base of the tank.

To monitor the level of water in the storage tank. Level sensing is achieved via a single pressure sensor installed on the base of the tank. A precise level sensing probe detects the exact height of water present in the tank. The probe is connected to a digital control panel (220v) that shows either the depth or volume of water in the tank. The controller then uses two programmable relays (max./min.) which can be connected to pumps, solenoids, or any other type of filling or draining device to maintain the level between defined limits. This controller can also be connected to a computer or any other electronic device for a better monitoring. Sensing probe delivers accuracy down to a few centimetres.

Galvanised steel perimeter overflow gutters.

Hot dip galvanised ladder. To be installed inside the tank. A gated ladder can be fitted to the exterior to ILURCO tanks that have a cover and handrail.

Platform or bridge to access the tank. It may be used as bracket for mixing and de-airing systems.